Glass pendant with necklace

Chains with glass pendants are made of fabric ribbons and waxed cotton threads, so that the necklace itself looks very nice. The highlight, of course, is the large glass pendant, which is well accentuated by its curvature and makes the pattern appear three-dimensional. For smaller cut-outs, the nickel-free, adjustable chains are an ideal accessory.

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Necklaces with hand-painted glass pendants

Matching we also carry glass rings and hand-painted glass pearl earrings, which you will find in the fashion jewelery category. If you take a look in the category of chains with glass pendants, you will be astonished by the meticulous workmanship of the chains with glass pendants. We offer a great variety of different patterns and shapes of chains. Whether you prefer round pendants or square ones in the shape of a square, rectangle or a rhombus, or rather wear a heart as a pendant, here you will find what you are looking for. To make something very special, the chains with glass pendant, of course, the loving hand-painted design on the trailers. Each chain is thus a kind of unique, because no one is the other. Because the chains are handmade, the chains will always be different in small details, but that's what makes the necklace so special. The colors are just as varied as the designs of the craftsmen. In the range you will find simple chains with one to two colors as well as colorful pendants with special patterns on them. The pendants hang on chains of waxed cotton threads. Do you want to complete your outfit, then take a look in other categories such as the bracelets or the rings, also here you will find more matching accessories from hanbemaltem glass to their necklace with glass pendant.
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