Glass jewelry sets

A bracelet or a single necklace is too little or too subtle? Do you want your glass jewelery to really stand out? For this we offer our glass jewelry sets, because here you will find a matching necklace and a bracelet, sometimes combinations with earrings. Especially with Murano glass, there are often matching earrings. These can also be ordered to the set of bracelet and chain and so also vary the shape, instead of an oval bead you can choose, for example, a plastic drop, if he agrees in color and pattern. Considering these possibilities, the selection of glass jewelry sets is even more extensive.

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Glass Jewelry Sets as a Gift

If you want to give jewelry to a person, makes a matching jewelry set, of course, much more impressive than a single bracelet or a chain. In addition, you save on the sets also something in comparison, if you order everything individually. When putting together the sets, we have taken care to offer different colors and shapes, so that everyone will find the right set for themselves. Depending on the color of the clothes differently colored jewelry is chosen. In addition, the spot color is also a type question, a winter type is eg bright red or dark black, while a fall type is more likely to use natural tones. A rich light green is the spring type. In the summer, you can even adjust the color of the glass jewelry sets to your sunglasses, here you can pay attention to the frame color or the color of the mirroring. Highlights for every outfit Glass jewelry sets look feminine, whether they are decorated with a playful floral pattern or break the light and sparkle and sparkle. This glass jewelry is a great way to visually enhance monotonous outfits and set radiant glitter accents. Our glass jewelry sets succeed in different colors. You can support this with our glass rings, zirconia rings or the sparkling rings of glass crystal change jewelry, also with matching earrings or ear plugs, of which there are two different categories for glass jewelry alone.
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