Glass-ear jewellery

925 silver with glass beads means that the earrings have a temple made of 925 sterling silver. The stirrups made of sterling silver ensure that these earrings are also suitable for people with sensitive skin. The name refers to the British pound sterling. Sterling silver was the coinage of the early English silver pennies, the so-called "sterlings". Sterling silver is used today for silver jewelry, coins, medals, trophies, stamps, cutlery, flutes and paint finishes of alloy wheels. It is harder compared to pure silver. The color is a little reddish compared to pure silver. The glass beads are among the oldest jewelery of humanity. In addition to the simple prehistoric specimens of glass beads, there is a very wide and diverse range of glass beads since the early history of humans. Likewise, glass beads were formerly used as a means of payment and exchange because glass beads were very popular and also easy to transport.

Fashion Jewelry Earrings with 925 Silver and Glass Beads

Our earrings made of 925 silver with glass beads are therefore colorful and fit any outfit and any occasion. The earrings made of 925 silver with glass beads, which are available in our Chic-Net online shop, have different shapes such as round, oval, diamond-shaped, heart-shaped or angular. The earrings made of 925 silver with glass beads are often combined with other beads and take on a variety of colors such as red, yellow, blue, green, white, purple, black, brown or even tri-color combined. You can choose among very different motifs, be they glass beads, discs, faceted glass beads or zirconia beads. A great variety of colors is also present in our earrings made of 925 silver with glass beads.
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