Glass Bracelets

Glass bracelets include bracelets and wide bands or ripeness. The glass arm jewelry is very diverse and not only in terms of the color of the glass or the shapes of the beads. Here you will find single-layered bracelets of jewelry wire, in addition to multi-layered pure pearls or on a wide band. In addition, there are combinations with strings, shells, enamel, waxed thread or silk thread. These are mostly multi-layered, some of them in the popular Ibiza hippie style, so a combination of different bracelets, which were combined into one. Most glass arm jewelry is adjustable in its width, so it fits any arm, sometimes you can even attach it to the ankle. The dimensions are always indicated.

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Glass arm jewelry can be used in various ways

Whether for beautiful summer days on tanned skin on the beach, in the outdoor pool or beach volleyball or even in winter as a sparkling accessory, glass arm jewelry is well received everywhere. The closures are very different, here are simple loops or knots, but also with extension chain carabiner, rubber bands, knotted Macramé closures and even magnetic closures. Here you can choose according to personal preference. The bracelets can also be combined with other arm jewelery, here you can wear knotted cotton ribbons with glass beads and wooden beads next to each other. Or you can wear the glittery bracelets of the crystal glitter jewelery to the glittering versions with faceted crystals. Glittery jewelry for the wrist With a sparkling glass bracelet, they set highlights and attract the eye. The Asian version with red enamel fits wonderfully with our Asia earrings with signs or fish, these are also red and filled with glass crystals. The Murano glass bracelets offer suitable counterparts in the Murano glass chains, so that creates a coherent overall picture, especially if you still wear the matching Murano glass earrings. With sparkling glass arm jewelery one makes no mistake with the ladies world as a gift, here one should only try to hit the right color. You can orient yourself by the colors of the favorite clothes of the recipient. So she can combine the glass bracelets great and put shiny accents.
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