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Flesh Tunnels and Plugs

You are looking for a good piercing online shop for flesh plugs and flesh tunnels, but everywhere you find only the same boring products and hardly any information about stretching and proper care of earplugs and tunnels?

This site offers you a well-assorted shop with a huge selection of exclusive designs and all necessary information about Lobe Piercing.

Because we want to make our customers happy, this includes special pieces of jewellery, which are only available from us and imparting the most important tips and the necessary knowledge, which you need, if you want to start stretching.

So that in the end you have beautiful meat tunnels - with jewellery that everyone will envy you for! And no pain, no torn slit ears and no inflamed wounds.

Trend or tradition?

At the moment you can see them everywhere: teenagers and young adults with dilated ear holes. This ranges from very small 4mm holes with delicate, filigree jewellery such as hand-carved stretch snails or hooks made of bone, horn or wood to huge meat tunnels. Here the maximum in our widths is about six centimetres in diameter! From primitive peoples one is used even larger, up to 15 centimeters were sighted here. But we are already on the subject: are Flesh Tunnels and Flesh Plugs only short-lived hipster trends or do they have a long tradition? And indeed there are: stretched ear holes are not only common among primitive peoples in Africa, America and Asia. No, there are also old cultures and well-known personalities who wore them. The stretched earlobes were often a sign of wealth, because they were displayed here by hanging them with the precious jewellery, which caused the stretching (still a custom with some tribes today). Known examples of stretched ears are Buddha (when he gave up his wealth, the stretched ears remained) and Tutankhamun.

All beginnings are difficult

How do you get such a big ear hole? Well dear piercing friends, that unfortunately needs patience, at least if you want to survive it painlessly and without torn earlobes or inflammations. You actually start with a normal ear hole, which you stretch bit by bit. Of course, there is also the possibility of punching. In dermal punching, a round surface is punched out of the cartilage or connective tissue; impatients also use this method for flesh tunnels and flesh plugs. However, you have to be aware that you are sticking out tissue, which you won't be able to stretch later. A larger stretch will only work if there is enough tissue around the tunnel, otherwise cracks will appear. If the skin becomes too thin at the edges, there will also be problems with blood circulation. So it makes sense to go the long way. You stretch about one millimeter more per week, this is done with stretching rods or snails. As soon as you have reached a certain size, Flesh Plugs or Flesh Tunnels also fit into your ear. These are already available from 2mm. But even underneath there are great earrings like e.g. mini stretch spirals made of horn, mother of pearl, bone or wood. These filigree carved beauties are later with larger diameters no longer so easy to find, so do not be impatient, rather enjoy every stretch level, because everywhere there are special jewelry, so that even the small diameters can be beautiful and eye-catching.

What if something goes wrong or I don't feel like the fleece tunnel in my ear anymore?

Yes, this can also happen: if you stretch too fast, or if the starting ear hole is not in the middle, you may get a so-called slit ear: The tunnel tears and the two dangling ends do not grow together by themselves without contact, very unattractive. Or your taste changes with age and at 40 or 50 you simply don't feel like the huge holes in your earlobes anymore. Fortunately, there is a solution for both: plastic surgery. In a small operation lasting between 15 and 30 minutes, the earlobe is reconstructed under local anaesthesia. The outer epithelial layer is removed, tissue is redistributed and then sewn together. This is technically feasible, but it has its price. So think about how big you want to stretch the flesh tunnels. Because the hole gets smaller by itself when you use smaller flesh plugs again and go back step by step, but it will never disappear completely.

Which piercing form suits me?

Surely you have all read or seen them before: there are plugs and tunnels, whereby these can be single flared, straight and ribbed or double flared. There are also spikes, stretch bars, hooks, stretch snails, ear weights and so on... But what does that all mean and what suits me?

The simplest difference first: plug or tunnel. Both fill the canal, but the Flesh Plug fills it completely, while the Flesh Tunnel has a large opening through which you can see through: it's like a ring, the hole in the ear remains visible when worn. What you like better is a matter of taste. But for an earplug or flesh tunnel to sit securely in the canal and not simply slip out, it needs to hold, and this can be guaranteed in three ways:

Single flared are Flesh Plugs and Flesh Tunnels, which have an edge on one side or are curved outwards, but on the other side are very smooth and straight and only have one notch. This straight side is pushed through the ear hole and then a rubber ring is put on from behind, which comes to rest in the notch. The rubber ring prevents the plug from slipping out. From the front it is nice and big and can still be threaded very easily into the ear hole.

Ribbed are tunnels and plugs that are straight in the middle but have a small edge at the top and bottom. This front and back edge prevents the Flesh Tunnel from falling out. In contrast to the single flared plug it is a little bit more difficult to use this flesh plug, because you also have to thread the edge through the ear hole, so you have to stretch a bit.

Double flared are tunnels and earplugs that have a certain shape: the plug is wider at the front and back, but bends a bit inwards at the sides, so when viewed from the side it is bent inwards towards the middle. Even with this popular shape, you have to stretch a little when inserting it, as the outer sides are slightly wider.

With the metal and acrylic plugs there are also flesh tunnels with threads, these screw plugs usually have wide edges, but can be screwed on, comfortably inserted and then screwed back to the ear, because the middle is narrow. For Flesh Plugs with thread please test before inserting if the piercing opens and closes easily and then do not screw too tightly in the ear.

Stretch snails, spikes, hooks and stretch bars have a certain part which is pushed through the ear hole, either this part is straight or bent like a hook. It starts narrow and slowly widens. You simply thread these Lobe Piercings into the ear hole and push them slowly through to the desired position.

A special case are the ear weights: these are also the stretch snails and hooks in the ear hole hung, usually also on a hook, but sometimes like half tunnels, but these do not fill the ear hole completely. The aim of the weight is not to stretch, but to present the stretched ear hole in its full size. A part of the ear hole should remain free and be visible as a hole. This trend has been rediscovered, but as we have learned above, this was still common among primitive peoples today or during Buddha's lifetime.

Piercing Earweight Brass Elephant Spiral Earweight Piercing Ganesha Brass gold 4mm 41,5gEarweights Piercing Elephant Sawoodz Brass silver antique drops 55g
Which material do I choose?

Plugs, lobe piercings and tunnels are available in many materials such as wood, horn, bone, mother of pearl, stone, glass, silicone, acrylic, stainless steel, brass or sterling silver. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

We would like to introduce a few materials to you:

Wood: lets the skin breathe, no negative odours develop. In addition, it takes on body temperature and is very light and nickel-free. Also, the jewellery is often handmade and something special. Disadvantage: not as stable as metal, sensitive to water contact (should be removed for showering, bathing etc. and maintained with oil instead of water), no thread possible, no metallic look. Some people are allergic to certain types of wood.

Horn, mother-of-pearl and bone: also light, nickel-free, allow the skin to breathe and maintain body temperature. Also here the piercings are often hand-carved unique specimens. Water contact is less problematic, but partly these materials are more sensitive (break danger) than wood, likewise no metal optics and no thread possible.

Organic piercings are not suitable for freshly stretched ears, because they absorb liquids, which is normally an advantage, but when healing this also applies to wound water: this can coagulate and stick to the ear, whereby it can become painful if you want to take it out. In addition, organic materials cannot be sterilized and non-sterile piercings such as flesh plugs and flesh tunnels should not be placed in freshly stretched, healing ear holes.

Metal like stainless steel, brass or silver: The advantage is clearly the stability and more filigree designs and screw threads are possible, as well as the shiny metal look and smooth surface. The designs range from modern to tribal (Afghan, Indian, Thai). Surgical steel is hygienically well tolerated, brass is tested lead-free, cadmium-free and nickel-free and 925 sterling silver is tolerated by most people. Disadvantage: these tubes are cold and heavy and do not allow the skin to breathe. This can result in sebum deposits and unpleasant odours after a prolonged period of use. In addition, not all people can tolerate brass, because in some cases it reacts with perspiration and discolours.

Silicone: the advantage is of course that this material is very soft, light and therefore very comfortable. Here you can hang normal earrings under the flesh plugs to wear both. Also at night when sleeping or doing sports or under a motorcycle helmet such flesh tunnels are much more comfortable to wear than hard materials and also break-proof. Silicone is available in various colours and it is cheap, but it does not let the skin breathe and can lead to odour, which is why it is not for freshly stretched ear holes. Also no particularly filigree forms are possible and the optics is rather matt.

Acrylic: Acrylic plugs offer a variety of motifs, since it is not handmade, but machine-made, these are also possible filigree, but only printed. Acrylic is light and cheap and also possible with thread, whereby the thread is more sensitive here than with the steel tunnel. In addition, it is in itself well tolerated by the skin and "slips" well when inserted through a very smooth surface. Also with acrylic plugs there is no possibility for your skin to breathe, so that sebum deposits and negative smells develop. If the plug seals extremely, the skin can even become inflamed and wet, because liquid (e.g. sweat) is not absorbed, so please be careful. However, acrylic tunnels do not cause any problems for short-term wearing.

So we hope we could give you a comprehensive overview about Flesh Plugs and Flesh Tunnels. On the subject of piercing (also the normal simple lobe piercing, which is the starting point for stretching) and care of the healing piercing you can also find some things in our FAQ. If you have still questions, you may write to us of course gladly. Now we wish you a lot of fun browsing through our extensive assortment. In addition to classics, we also offer unusual models and of course the latest trends. So that you are always at the forefront with us, we are constantly adding to our range. We also create many designs ourselves, which you only get here with us so that you become a trendsetter instead of wearing boring mass-produced goods that can be found everywhere. Our customers are individual and different - our products are suitable for them, many of which are really unique due to handicraft and natural materials. So what are you waiting for? Find your favourite piece at Chic-Net's Flesh Plugs and Flesh Tunnels!

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