Flash Tattoos

Tattoos are very common today and are becoming increasingly popular. But not everyone wants to sting his favorite motive forever under the skin. With our tattoos you can wear it for a few days and then easily get rid of it. Whether as a test, whether one should really let a tattoo sting and how it stands, or as a temporary and painless alternative: our adhesive tattoos for the skin are a very good idea.

Temporary Adhesive Tattoos for the Skin

Especially in the spring, summer and late summer, the tattoos are in demand, because as soon as you show more free skin, there are also more places available for a tattoo. Our adhesive tattoos are harmless and easy to install, as well as easy to remove without residue. For this, only water, a cloth or sponge, a pair of scissors and oil are needed when removing. We do not sell the tattoos individually, but as motivational sheets. Here you will get several motives, which are coordinated in color and design so that you can wear them at the same time and can achieve great effects and patterns. The special feature of our Golden Tattoo bows is that they are modeled on real jewelry, so they are available in golden and silver. Often they therefore show motifs such as necklaces, a necklace, bracelets or have the correct length to attach them as a ring. Everything is possible here, your imagination knows no bounds. And the beauty: the parents certainly have no objection to these tattoo adhesives, moreover, they are much cheaper than a real tattoo. One should only note that they do not belong in the hands of toddlers. A sheet is delivered with protective foil and with instructions in English. A German manual can be found in the product description. We wish you a lot of fun with the special metallic tattoos.
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