Fake plugs wood

Fake piercing wood are a great way to wear piercing jewelry without ear hole stretching. Also in the field of wood, we offer a very wide range of different organic fake piercings. With a piercing ear hole of about 1 mm, you can create the illusion of stretched ear holes, for example, by selecting plugs, spikes, spirals, expander or other fake jewelry. The high-quality processed pieces of jewelery are naturally grained and hand carved, partly also handpainted. Our fake piercing wood is very diverse, there are the simple, classic spirals, the question mark or spike shape, and there are far more eye-catching models. Either because they are hand-painted in bright colors and different patterns, or because they are heavily carved and elaborately carved and detailed.

Organic fake piercings made of wood

Also motifs such as flowers, animal design, hearts, wings, ornaments, keys and clefs, skulls and anchors are represented. Even a spike suitable for Halloween as a bleeding peg can be found. If the wood is not painted, it is of course grained, our Fake Piercing wood picking up different woods, all of which show a typical and unique natural grain. Narra wood, sono wood, coconut wood, zebra wood, parasite wood, teak wood, tamarind wood and iron wood are popular. Some Fake Piercings wood combine the wood with other materials such as leather, antique golden brass, turquoise stone, a bone inlay, shiva eye or mother of pearl. Even spirals, which are filled with small, faceted glass crystals, can be found in the range. The fake piercings are unisex wearable in terms of motifs, but the glittering wooden spirals or the flower motifs and hearts are more likely to match women, while men take on the skull or anchor. No matter for what occasion, with us you buy matching fake piercing wood. Benefits of Fake Piercings WoodBecause our Fake Piercings are made of organic material, they assume a comfortable temperature that they maintain. And they make the skin breathe while wearing it. There are also a huge selection of models due to the many different wood colors and grains. Fake piercing wood is also available handpainted or combined with real stones and faceted crystals or a shiva eye shell.
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