Fake piercings

Fake Piercings are a great way to...
Fake Piercings are a great way to wear Expander, Spikes, Plugs and Spirals or other piercing jewelry, even if you do not want to stretch his ear holes. Fake jewelry looks deceptively real after stretched ear holes, but requires only the normal, small Ohrpiercing hole. The stainless steel pin measures approx. 1 mm. Also in this area we offer various natural materials such as wood, horn and bone, as well as brass and stainless steel combined with real stones, color, shells or faceted glass crystals. In addition, we offer the Fake Piercings various shapes, colors and motifs. The selection of designs, colors and materials is in no way inferior to real piercings. |-| Closure options with Fake Piercings ~~ This earrings is closed by Fake Piercingseither via a simple screw system: push the front part through the ear and unscrew the rear part behind the ear. Or another variant, a simple push system: push the front of the Fake Piercings with his pin through the ear hole and presses it into the secure stainless steel pen holder of the rear part, which is behind the ear. New models are lined with silicone, which offers extra grip. The third variant is a simple push variant in combination with a safety screw on a ball: this pushes the pin of the front piece through the ear hole and pushes it through the entire rear piece and then screwed the safety ball behind the ear to the pin for safety and security To ensure wearing comfort of organic fake piercings. Organic fake piercing earringsOnly gaudy colorful, colorfully hand-painted, in animal design as an elephant or naturally grained and plain-colored,
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