Fake piercing from horn

Fake piercing horns are available in great variety. Whether a star, a snake, a skull or hand-carved wings, all this and many more motifs can be found in our horn fake piercings. Whether you are looking for plugs, spirals, expanders or other shapes, we offer a wide selection of organic jewelery in various colors and designs, as well as various closure variants. A small ear hole of 1 mm is enough to give the impression of a real horn piercings. For these models, you do not need stretched ear holes, it is enough the normal ear hole for earrings. The Fake Piercings Horn all carry a plug, which is pushed through, so that afterwards the piercing can be attached.

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Fake Piercing Horn Inserting

The insertion of Fake Piercing Horn jewelry is simple and works similar to an ear plug. There are three possible locking systems, these are explained and presented in the text of the Fake Piercings under the category of jewelry types. It is about a push system and two different connector systems, one is lined with silicone for a secure fit and longevity. Behind and in front of the ear is then the thicker horn, so it looks like you are deceiving a real piercing. Buffalo horn fake piercings The horn is shiny black, but many variations feature colorful inlays, such as crushed agate stone, making the inlay look like a small mosaic of stone fragments. Others wear a shimmering white mother of pearl shell, white bone or colorful iridescent paua abalone inlay. The Fake Piercings Horn are hand-carved to create the most detailed pieces like the skull claw, the viper snake, the wings or ornaments. The fake piercings can also be combined well with other tribal jewelry, especially if they pick up a specific material such as mother of pearl, paua, turquoise, agate or shiva eye. In our shop you will find chains, bracelets and rings with these treasures as a component. Despite the high-quality craftsmanship, we offer our customers low prices for the Fake Piercings Horn.
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