Our fake nose rings silver offer the...

Fake nose rings silver

Our fake nose rings silver offer the possibility to wear fake jewelery for the nose also from 925 sterling silver. Sterling Silver is high quality, bendable and soft and durable. Its brilliance can be restored by a salt bath or simple polishing, the piece of jewelry should start. A fake in this case means that both ends end up spherical and bendable. So one end can be bent forwards and the other backwards, of course not too strong. The resulting Lücker makes it possible to simply put the Fake Nose Rings Silver Piercing into the nose so that the nasal septum lies in the gap. This does not hurt and looks deceptively real. |-| Silver fake piercings in different designs ~~ The fake nose rings silver show among other things the same motives as the brass fake septums, so partly discreet, partly conspicuously decorated piercings for the nasal septum. So everyone can find something for their taste. Some patterns are very playful and feminine, others are simple or in tribal style. A Fake Nose Rings Silver Piercing also helps you to get a feel for the piercing before you let yourself be a real sting. Here you can answer many questions in a straightforward way: Is there a septum? Does it bother me? Which patterns and colors are right for me? How does my environment react to my new piercing? Well combinable fake nose rings silver septums are of course also good with other silver piercing jewelry combinable, here offer the tunnels, because these show the tribal style. Also fit our pendants or earrings, as well as silver rings, because here are many models with tribal patterns. If the Fake Nose Rings Silver Piercing is not clearly tribal, then all the other silver jewelery pieces, not to mention the silver brooches, the silver arm jewelery and the silver charms, will fit. If the silver septum carries a real gemstone, then our gemstone silver jewelery with pendants, rings, necklaces and ear jewelery comes in the tight choice to create great jewelery sets.

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