Fake Plugs

Fake plugs and fake piercings have become an indispensable part of the piercing world. They are the best alternative if someone doesn't want to stretch their ear holes for various reasons but still loves the look of stretching snails and rods or plugs and flesh tunnels. Fake plugs use surgical steel as the material for the pin, this is well tolerated and allows for a screw cap with thread for fake plugs ear studs or a plug cap with silicone lining for fake piercings. Ear jewellery is only for ladies? You're wrong, our Fake Plugs Men models and Fake Plugs Men variants prove the opposite, whereby most motifs can be worn unisex anyway. Both men and women like to wear black fake plugs, but fake plugs titanium are also popular, so fake plugs black titanium are particularly well received. Fake Plugs Silver are also conceivable, but we prefer stainless steel Fake Plugs, because these are more stable, as stainless steel is harder than silver. The sizes of the fake piercings are based on the real plugs, but they cannot be extremely large, so that the Fake Plugs ear stud fits stably and securely. That's why Fake Plugs 8mm and Fake Plugs 10mm are mostly found, but also bigger than Fake Plugs 12mm and Fake Plugs 14mm the plugs are convertible.

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Fake Plugs instead of Flesh Plugs?

What is the reason for fake plugs instead of stretched ears with real earplugs? There can be many reasons, some are simply afraid of the pain, because of course the ear holes are gradually stretched open with real stretching jewellery. Others lack patience, because the stretching process takes time and happens in small steps, whereas fake plugs 14mm can be worn immediately, which is practical, isn't it? Still others are still underage or their profession prohibits stretched ear piercings. With Fake Plugs surgical steel plugs, the impression of stretching jewellery can be created at any time and at the same time only a small ear hole remains. Women in particular would like to keep the small ear holes, because if they are stretched larger, they can wear larger stretchers but no longer normal earrings, earrings and studs. Fake Plugs Ladies Jewellery is therefore often the best compromise when a woman does not want to simply give up her favourite earrings for piercing jewellery. Fake Plugs Silver, Fake Plugs Surgical Steel and Fake Plugs Titanium, on the other hand, only use thin metal pins, here the small ear holes remain intact.

Variety in design and size

Fake plugs are available in a wide variety of designs and materials, popular are steel fake plugs silver or fake plugs black made of stainless steel or wood. Stainless steel fake piercings can also be made in blue, gold or rainbow colours. Fake plugs wood often have inlays or a beautiful engraving. Inlays for wood Fake Plugs 10mm or Fake Plugs 8mm can be different coloured woods as well as iridescent mother of pearl shells, coral, shiva eye or gemstones. Fake Plugs 12mm already allow filigree motifs and engravings that are nevertheless easily recognisable. There is another reason for fake plugs and piercings: you want to know before stretching whether piercing jewellery suits you at all? Or which size suits you better? No problem, get yourself fake plugs 8mm to fake plugs 14mm and try it out. You'll find the most beautiful designs for them here with us, click your way in.

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