Fake Nose Piercing Septum

Brass fake nose rings are the fake version of the septum jewelry made of brass. Not everyone who admires the piercing nose jewelry and would like to follow this trend, would like to be pierced. Be it for fear of the pain, or for example because you are too young to get pierced and the parents are against it, or because you do not want to keep a lasting memory of a fashion trend in youth. No matter why, for these cases, there are our brass fake nose rings, these can be fastened without piercing in the nose. And all this without pain and in numerous design variants.

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Septum nose rings without piercing

With us you have the choice between different motives, sizes and styles. Should it be silver or antique golden shining fake septum brass nose rings? Rather plain, or squiggly oriental? Do you like the brass fake nose rings unisex or playful female better? No matter your taste, we offer all these variations. There are also brass fake nose rings with real gemstones underneath, so you can also wear turquoise, malachite, garnet or onyx on the nose. The nose rings can be wonderfully combined with our brass brass tribal earrings, pendants, rings or bracelets. Whoever prefers the piercing variants, but does not want to stretch his normal pierced ears, chooses our brass spirals. Trendy, beautiful and versatile, our fake septum nose rings are made of brass. Inserting the Brass Fake Nose Rings Fitting the fake septums is very easy. In addition, the ends of the brass fake nose rings carry small, round balls that push the septum into the nose. Before you bend one end to the front, the other to the rear, and thus receives a sufficiently large opening. It is important that the brass fake nose rings in silver or gold color do not pull apart at the ends, but push one end forward, the other towards the back, so nothing breaks. By contrast, if you simply pull the ends apart, even flexible metal like brass can break.
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