Eyebrow Piercing

Eye piercing as an eye-catcher: Stylish jewelry for the eyebrowAn eyebrow piercing is a real eye-catcher - and the more value you should place on the selection of the piercing. Available in many different variations, you can not only choose a eye piercing from a decorative point of view, but also tailor it to your personality and your individual style. In our shop you will find the eye piercing in many fashionable designs. Our piercing jewelry is characterized by a high-quality choice of materials and workmanship and thus also brings a very high quality look. Put on valuable eyebrow jewelry, which promises a lot of comfort while wearing and your eye piercing can be effective advantage.

Eye piercing in many designs - from Circular Barbell to Curved Barbell

The classic eyebrow piercings is the horseshoe piercing especially with bullets at the ends has already gained cult status. Also known as Circular Barbell, you will find this gem as eye piercing in different sizes, colors and design variants in our shop. Made of high quality stainless steel, the eye piercing is very well tolerated and resistant and brings a noble look with it. Even the piercing jewelry in banana shape, the so-called Curved Barbell piercings, enjoys great eyebrow jewelry popularity. Again, you will find a large selection in our shop, which ranges from noble designs in gold and silver optics to eye piercings in shrill neon colors. In addition, our range of eyebrow piercings includes glamorous jewelery with zirconia stones or symbols such as hearts, stars or anchors. Both eyepieces made of sturdy stainless steel and flexible, bendable plastic adorn our assortment. The pieces of jewelery are available in many color variants as well as in different sizes and diameters. Make more out of your eye piercing: Our jewelry for the eyebrow provide variety and make your piercing a fashionable and meaningful accessory. Our jewelry is characterized by quality and a high-quality look and can be tailored to your needs: Whether you want a eye piercing in understated elegance or a colorful, strong design eye-catcher - our large selection is guaranteed to have the right piece of jewelry for you.
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