Expansion Screws

Dehnschnecken are spirals, which, as the name already suggests, can also be used to stretch the branch canal in the ear hole. By the way, they are also beautiful to look at and thus very popular piercing jewelry. We offer the spirals in different sizes, shapes and designs. So there are colorful, hand-painted, as well as natural without color, where you can see the different wood grains. Some worms made of horn and wood have inlays, eg agate stones, turquoise or bone. In addition, the category Dehnschnecken also combines all other piercing forms among themselves. Although these are not necessarily snail-shaped, they also serve to appealing way to expand the puncture channel. Therefore, shapes, ornaments, hearts, stars, anchors, as well as snakes, clefs, wings and much more can be found here.

Stretching with Piercings

Stretching the ear holes or expanding other piercing stitch channels, such as intimate piercings, is nothing that happens overnight. Stretching takes time and care. If you rush the whole thing you run the risk that the branch channel ignites or even tears. This should be avoided, so you push the expansion screws or other piercings only a little bit further, it is advisable to not more than two millimeters per month. Since the snails and piercings start small and then widen, it's up to you how far you stretch them, and you can also buy the spirals in different sizes to get you started. Body parts for slugsTheoretically, you can use the stretchers and spirals, as well as the other forms everywhere, after all, you can stretch each Piercingloch larger. In practice, they are mainly used for the ears. For other body parts such as lip, nose or eyebrow, they are just too big, here would be a maximum of mini Dehnschnecken conceivable. But we do not only offer piercings made of organic materials, but also spirals and other shapes made of acrylic or stainless steel, and these are also conceivable for intimate piercings. If you really want to stretch one, you will also find the right jewelry for us.
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