Eskimo piercing

Eskimo Piercing: Jewelry for lip piercingLip piercing is one of the most popular piercing variants on the face. It is divided into different types of lip piercing, which differ according to their location. The Eskimo piercing is one of the most popular lip piercings, which begins below the lip and ends in the lip red, about in the middle of the lip. Unlike other lip piercings, the Eskimo Piercing does not come into contact with the teeth and thus can not damage them. The gums remain untouched. As a jewelry suitable for the Eskimo piercing rings as well as curved jewelry pieces, so-called Curved Barbell piercings. In our shop you will find a wide selection of Eskimo piercing jewelery, which makes your lip piercing something special.

Eskimo Piercing: Top quality plugs and rings

The Curved Barbell Piercing is a piece of jewelery that is in a curved shape Appearance occurs and is closed at the two ends with a ball or other small attachment. Due to the curved shape, the piece of jewelery as Eskimo piercing offers a particularly high wearing comfort and makes the piercing stand out very well. We carry the pieces of jewelery in different sizes, colors and designs, both from sturdy stainless steel as well as in highly flexible plastic variant. The Curved Barbell piercing is especially popular as Eskimo piercing. But also rings are used with pleasure, with which you are guaranteed to get stuck anywhere. We also carry rings in various designs in our shop, both in classic metallic look as well as in bright colors. We offer you subtle plugs and rings as Eskimo Piercing as well as colorful and extravagant designs that quickly catch everyone's attention. Make your Eskimo piercing an eye-catcher with pieces of jewelery that have a high quality and are particularly modern and attractive.
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