Ear jewelery has always been very...
Ear jewelery has always been very popular in the women's world, so that numerous variants have developed: the small stud earrings, hoops, earrings and the long dangling earrings. We offer these in many different lengths, sizes, patterns and colors. And of course from a variety of materials such as silk thread and beads, feathers, stones, sterling silver, stainless steel or brass. In some cases we also have combinations of earrings with long pendants or earrings for two pierced places on the ear, which are connected by dangling chains. Some earrings pendants are smaller, others are larger or longer and thus more eye-catching. Nevertheless, no earring is too heavy. If you want very light but colorful, big eye-catching earrings, you should get our spring earringstake a closer look, because they combine all these qualities. |-| Matching Earrings ~~ Beautiful combinations of eye-catching earrings with chains, bracelets, rings or even anklets is not difficult with us, because our earrings come from the most diverse categories, which include earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets. We offer a great deal of choice in real 925 sterling silver jewelery, but also in antique gold brass jewelery. But even long earrings with pearls, shiva eyes, silk thread, brass, shells, coral or wood can be put together with matching jewelry to a set. Often, the bracelets or bracelets, the chains and pendants, as well as the rings pick up the same motifs and designs again, or they use
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