Ear Jacket - the trendy ear stud look

2021-04-13 10:58:00 / Comments 0
Ear Jacket - the trendy ear stud look - Ear Jacket - the trendy ear stud look

There are always new products in the piercing sector, but your ears are not stretched? Do you also feel like doing something different, cool, but for normal pierced ears? Ear jacket ear studs also make something special out of your normal pierced ears: namely double ear studs.

An ear jacket means that part of the ear stud sits in front of the earlobe as always, but there is a second part and this goes behind and under the earlobe. When viewed from the front, both parts of the ear jacket are visible. Since the Ear Jacket models are still ear studs, they are sold in pairs. Depending on the design, Ear Jacket studs can be worn unisex by women and men (in tribal, ethnic or minimalistic style), or are only suitable for women, this applies to the variants with little flowers or glitter stones.

An ear jacket has another advantage, because the back part is usually loose and is located on the pin of the ear stud and is held in place with the butterfly fasteners. Of course, this also means that this part of the ear jacket can also easily be removed and you can wear the ear stud as normal and without the back part. This gives you more variety and two different ways to wear the Ear Jacket jewelry, so to speak, interchangeable jewelry or 2 in 1.

Would you like to try out the new look and test how it suits you? Then click your way through our ear jacket variants at CHICNET.

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