Ear Weights for larger stretched ears

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Ear Weights for larger stretched ears - Ear Weights for larger stretched ears

You have stretched ear holes and wear plugs or flesh tunnels in large sizes such as 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 25mm, 26mm, 28mm or 30mm? Or are you even one of the few carriers of 35mm, 40mm, 45mm or 50mm expanders and stretchers? Then we offer you something completely new in addition to the normal ear plugs and ear tunnels, as well as expansion screws and hooks: the Ear Weights.

But be careful, ear weights are even more striking and harder than normal plugs or tunnels. Although these also show the size of your ear holes, Ear Weights present your holes again completely new. The weights are hung in the ear hole, either via a hook or a kind of saddle plug. Due to their own weight, the ear weights now pull the lower edge of your ear holes down, which means that the entire ear hole is stretched and thus also visible - in contrast to tunnels and plugs, it is not completely filled or lined, but pulled down. This makes your earlobes appear even longer and the ear stretching even more blatant. In addition, the ear weights actually weigh something, they are available from light to heavy - depending on the desired effect and personal taste. If you want to amaze others with your piercings, Ear Weights offer many options, for example by the strong stretch and thus length of the ears, then by the weight itself, which dangles on the ears and of course by the size and special design of the Ear Weights.

In fact, ear weights are very diverse in terms of material and motifs. Weights from stainless steel, brass, gun metal, silver, wood, horn, bone, mother-of-pearl, shell, real stones and many other materials can be found here. The motifs vary between simple (geometric shapes), hard (skull, dragon, viking), natural (stones such as opal, turquoise, tiger eye, lapis lazuli, onyx, paua abalone mother-of-pearl shell, wood in brown, reddish brown, olive wood etc., bone , Octopus motif), tribal (elephant, skull with Indian feather jewelry or Viking helmet, Maya figure, claw), Far Eastern and esoteric (Buddha, waving cat, Ganesha and variations thereof, flower of life, tree of life), but also playful female ear weights like angel wings, ornaments or brightly shimmering stones and shells.

Many ear weights are attached using a hook that is either part of the motif (e.g. an arm of the octopus, the rear toe of the claw) or is beautifully integrated into the motif. With this hook, the ear weight is simply hung in the ear hole. Another variant: the ear weights are hooked into tunnels so that your ear is decorated twice: the tunnel above and a nice ear weight dangling below. This second variant is also known with a chain and lobster clasp.

Other common closures and fastening options for the ear weights are clicker systems, as well as the shape of spirals, which however carry a large, often round motif on the inside. Other motifs are shaped in such a way that they are pushed through the ear hole like expansion screws, e.g. as a snake, ornament or spike. Another form are ear weights, which dangle from a saddle plug shape. This half plug is hung in the ear hole and spreads it a little, and the motif dangles below. A special form of ear weights, which is very popular with us, are the ear donuts. This shape shows a ring with a narrow gap. The gap opening is used to insert the mega creole. These donut ear weights are like very thick earrings and mostly made of wood with a special grain. These ear weights are often decorated with a beautiful engraving.

You now feel like something new, but have ear holes of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm or 16mm size? No problem at all, because even for that we offer Ear Weights. The very small sizes are mostly designed as an ear spiral. This can be golden or silver colored and is often decorated with a beautiful stone, often a glitter stone.
One more note on the subject of ear weights: if you are more sensitive and prefer to be comfortable rather than shocked, you will also find small and medium-weight ear weights - and with these you will also draw attention to yourself be for you, choose size and weight afterwards. And please note: Ear Weights are not ear stretchers. You stretch your ear holes with expansion rods or expansion screws, then it becomes even and without injuries. Ear weights would stretch on one side, so please use them only as jewelry and not as a stretching tool.

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