Double Pearl Earrings

Very new and very popular is the double pearl ear jewelery, which is available in the form of ear plugs, ear hangers and spirals. What they all have in common is that they carry a pearl at each end, smaller at one end than the other at the other end. The big pearl sits at the lower or longer end. This is deliberately chosen, because with the double pearl earrings the big pearl behind the ear and the smaller pearl in front of the ear should look out. You can see from the front so a normal pearl in front of the ear and the background forms a larger pearl. This extravagant look can be flashy in bright bright colors, or subtly in mother of pearl or pastel colors. The plugs, spirals and bows are made of gold-colored or silver-colored stainless steel.

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Double Pearls Earrings, Spirals and Studs

The Double Pearls Jewelery pieces have an advantage over ordinary ear studs, earrings and pendants: they look nice from all angles, even look a bit from the back. They really come into their own even with short or high-set hairs. You can choose between dull and glittering shiny designs for double pearl earrings. We offer these in many different colors, from mint green to black, royal blue, bronze, and pink to cream yellow. Who wants to reinforce the effect of the two consecutive pearls, chooses the Doppelperlenstecker, because here are both beads close to the ear and close together. More space is available for the earrings and most of the spirals. Inserting Double Pearl Ear Jewelry Attaching double pearl ear jewelery is quite easy, even though the lock plugs on the ear plugs are omitted and the hooks are not open but end with a pearl. One of the beads can always be unscrewed, then the ear stud, the spiral or the earrings can be passed through the branch canal of the ear. Once this happens, simply unscrew the pearl and get a secure double pearl earring that will not be lost. The pearls are of course not real pearls, but they are too big for that, they are big balls, which are designed only like pearls. Some even imitate the shimmering sheen of real pearls.
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