Crystal Glitter Jewellery

Crystal glitter jewelry from us is high-quality processed and set in 925 sterling silver, many small crystal glass elements make it sparkle. When light comes in, this glittering effect is enhanced. Glittering earrings, glitter pendants, glittering ear plugs, glitter bracelets and glitter chains will guarantee a radiant and sparkling appearance. These exclusive designer pieces are absolutely trendy and at the same time look elegant and timeless. As a gift idea, you are exactly in the right place with a high-quality and extraordinary crystal glass designer jewelery set. Crystal glitter jewelry picks up on the longing of the ladies, after everything that sparkles and sparkles. But it does not always have to be a brilliant, our glass crystals are also faceted and allow the same lighting effects.

Glitter Crystal Jewelry

We also offer them in many different and current fashion colors, whether in gold, turquoise, peridot green, emerald green, ruby ??red, garnet red, safir blue or burgundy purple. In addition, we offer jewelry from the popular glitter balls, these are available as glitter ball earrings, glitter ball earrings and glitter ball pendant and as a set under glitter jewelry sets. Equally popular and also represented in the sets is the animal design (eg owl, mouse, cat, butterfly, fish), as well as the glittering fruits. For example, we offer strawberries, melons, pears or apples as crystal glitter jewelry. But we also offer other motifs such as crosses, spirals, hearts, circles and much more out of sterling silver and faceted glass crystals. A special feature is the glass crystal changing jewelry, this falls in the field of fashion jewelry and is still very popular because it offers the opportunity to change the rings, earrings and earrings in order to match the color of the gemstone to the outfit. As you can see, this category is very diverse and a beautiful gift idea is guaranteed crystal glitter jewelry.
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