Horn hoops with pins can not only be worn with...

Creoles made of horn

Horn hoops with pins can not only be worn with punky outfits, they can also look elegant. Our Horncreolen are hoop earrings, which are attached around the earlobe and are attached via a pin made of wood or horn. This pin fits through a normal, unstretched ear hole, so the horn hoops with pins are not piercings, even though they look very similar to them. They are wearable depending on the design of men and women, and men will certainly prefer the simple variants in black or black and white. The hoops themselves are made of buffalo horn, partly natural, partly they were also colorfully colored.

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Horn Creolen for various occasions

Whether for leisure, at school or university, as a cool party accessory or even elegant evening gown, all this is possible and is on the one hand a question of type, on the other also depending on the design of the Horn Creolen Pins you choose. From simple black rings over which with white carvings and embellishments to stripe patterns in red yellow or blue, everything is available in the assortment. Even animal rights activists need not have any reservations, because no buffalo is killed for our jewelry. We use the horn that is left over when farmers in Southeast Asia slaughter their livestock buffalo. For the horn they have no use, the rest of the animal is processed after it was previously kept for a long time as a livestock. Combinations for HornpincreolenAuch wood, Paua Abalone or Bone can be found as a wooden pin or as an inlay in the horn hoop earrings with pins, so that special organic jewelry created. An advantage of these is that they take on body temperature, unlike the stainless steel or silver earbuds of normal earrings, which are rather cold. Mostly we sell the horn hoops with pins in pairs, but we also have particularly elaborately carved models, these are slightly larger and more eye-catching and are sold individually. All models can be combined with our wooden jewelry or our bone chains.
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