Creolen Plugs - Donuts for the ear
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Creolen Plugs - Donuts for the ear - Creolen Plugs - Donuts for the ear

Do you have stretched ear holes, love piercings, ear weights and augers and you also like to be the center of attention? We have something for you: become a trendsetter! It's easy with CHICNET, because we bring THE piercing trend to Germany. Creoles plugs and ear donuts are the latest trend worldwide in the area of ​​ear piercing and ear weights and here in Germany we are at the forefront, especially in the wood sector we already offer a large selection. This trend is still completely new, you can find the ring plugs or donut ear weights on the first brave ones, but the masses do not yet know the hoop plugs.

Do you want to be among the first to wear something new and special? Hoop ear plugs or donuts for the ear are real eye-catchers, so you definitely stand out because they are larger and heavier than normal ear plugs and flesh tunnels. In a few shops, the hoops plugs and ear donuts or expansion screw rings are already made of stone - we offer you a wide variety of wood. Wood is not as heavy as stone and when worn, it takes on body temperature, so it is not freezing cold. It also lets your skin breathe when you wear it. With our wooden ear donuts or hoop plugs, you can get into a rather crazy and unusual piercing trend in a gentle, pleasant way and fascinate your surroundings.

Creoles Plugs Ohr Donuts can be worn individually or in pairs, also two different ones, and we offer them from very small sizes such as 3mm to very large sizes such as 25mm. They are in demand with men and women. But don't wait too long - at the moment they are becoming more and more famous and popular - soon they will be seen a lot.

You still have the chance to be among the first to discover the hoop earrings for yourself and to stand out from the crowd of Flesh Tunnels. Would you like to be a model? No problem, if you buy one of our Creolen Plugs ear donuts and take a great photo as you wear it in your ear, you are welcome to send it to us and with a little luck you will appear as an advertising face on our site - we will bring the most beautiful photos our side out big.

Dare - set trends - grab the brand new Creolen Plugs, the donuts for the ear!

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