Cotton Bracelets

Cotton bracelets with beads, bone, wood, stone and brass combine many different materials. Many are found in nature. Brass can be processed particularly well and with high quality. These Surferbändchen consist of waxed and knotted cotton. This is decorated with various decorative elements: whether wood beads, howlite beads and other stone beads, bone beads, cultured pearls, coral or brass balls, all are high-quality, robust and hand-knotted. The cotton bracelets themselves are available in a wide variety of colors, variants, patterns and designs. Because they are individually adjustable, the cotton bracelets with pearls, bone, wood, stone and brass fit on each arm. The bracelets are knotted together at the end.

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Surfer Style Cotton Bangles

The cotton bracelets with beads, bone, wood, stone and brass carry various symbols or patterns. In our assortment you will find bracelets with the peace sign or in the colors of Rega in yellow, green red. Especially these three colors are the motto of the Surferarmbänder. All cotton bracelets with beads, bone, wood, stone and brass can be worn by both women and men. These bracelets can also be great as friendship bracelets. Two identical bracelets in the same design reflect the togetherness again. For the unisex cotton bracelets, we also offer matching necklaces made of cotton with pendants made of bone or wood. These bracelets are available in different colors. The beads take a variety of forms, there are, for example, bracelets with square or round, small or elongated beads. In this category you will find the perfect summer accessory: cotton bracelets with beads, bone, wood, stone and brass.
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