Coral silver rings

Coral silver rings enchant with the...
Coral silver rings enchant with the great color combination of blood red and silvery shiny. Silver rings are already of high quality, in this category we combine them with something of the most attractive, what the oceans have to offer: the coral. Individually grained and deep red, it makes each ring a unique piece of jewelry that blends beautifully with our coral pendants and coral earrings. But even on our own, our 925 sterling silver rings with red colored bamboo or foam coral make something. To preserve the natural red coral we use only colored white coral, which occur more frequently. Coral silver rings are available in different sizes, or even as rings, which are adjustable in width.
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Coral is unisex, so depending on ring design, size and shape, men can wear these rings as well. Of course, the coral silver rings are also combinable with other coral jewelry, however, we offer more for the ladies, such as coral ear plugs, coral necklaces or individual coral bracelets, which can be found under wide bracelets with pearls and stones at fashion jewelry. Like any silver ring, the coral silver rings should also be cared for to keep them beautiful for a lifetime. For that it is enough to polish them, should they nevertheless start. The most popular feature of the coral is its fascinating natural grain, each one unique. Our coral rings are both filigree and discreet, as well as in wide and eye-catching. For a red evening dress coral jewelry looks very noble and high quality. Since the rings usually have geometric shapes as motifs, one can very easily choose our coral ear plugs, pendants and earrings. Even as a gift never wrong, our coral rings are silver.

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