Coral Earrings

Coral earrings have always been worn as jewelry. The red coral is one of the most sought-after pieces of jewelry, since ancient times corals have been used for jewelry. At that time, they were regarded as protection against disease and mischief and were dedicated to a goddess in Egypt and Rome. Here, too, you will find the marine jewelry beautifully crafted into earrings in all conceivable shapes and variations. The combination with 925 sterling silver has proven itself. Since it is a genuine natural product, each coral earring is individually grained. Our coral earrings all have a silver handle and are so well tolerated by the skin. As far as motifs and designs are concerned, our coral earrings often pick up the same motifs as our coral pendants, and coral rings also overlap. So you can combine as you wish.

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If you prefer to use finished jewelry sets, you will find some of the jewelry sets with coral. You like to wear earrings, but would rather ear studs with coral? Then take a look in the category coral ear studs under fashion jewelery and stud earrings, these are usually combined with 925 sterling silver. A very popular motif of coral earrings is also a combination with Shivaauge. Incidentally, this category includes only red earrings, but we also offer in the neighboring categories also blue-colored and black-colored coral earrings. Since we color for all the colors to protect the rare red coral, the common Bambergoral or foam coral, buy with us with a clear conscience. Coral jewelry is definitely something special and therefore an ideal gift idea. What should not be missing are the coral earrings.

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