Circular barbell

The Circular Barbell is a variant of...
The Circular Barbell is a variant of the barbell piercing. It is also called Horseshoe Piercing, because it has the shape of a horseshoe. It consists of a rod with threads and screw-on ends, these essays are mostly bullets or cones, but can also take on quite different shapes. The difference to the Straight Barbell Piercing is the bending of the bar, but unlike the Ball Closure Ring it is not a closed ring, but leaves a gap. Another variant is called the Curved Barbell or Banana, this is the strongest of the Circular Barbell, but is not quite as strong bent, but only slightly, just like a banana.
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Circular Barbell Designs

The different Circular Barbells differ in the thickness of the rod, ie the thickness of the material, in the inner diameter of the indicated circle and in the size of the ends. In terms of color, stainless steel offers silver, gold, black and colorful iridescent variants, and acrylic and silicone offer just about any color. Circular barbell piercings are sometimes also available in large material thicknesses of the rod, this is used for stretched stitch channels, eg Prince Albert Piercing. Use of the Circular Barbell For use, for example, on the nose in the piercing hole of the septum, also on the ear and on the lip, for example on the Snakebites instead of Labret plugs. They are also usable for the nipple or as Intimpiercings. Often, the horseshoes are currently in the nose, with the popularity of Septumpiercings also increased theirs. As a change to the simple Labretstecker they are also possible on all piercings of the lips and are often used. Here, however, one should pay attention to soft materials, so as not to injure teeth and gums. Whether you use balls or cones is up to your personal taste. Circular Barbell piercings are universally applicable and therefore popular. You wear several piercings? So how about partner look by decorating all stitch channels with the same piercing design? With the everywhere portable Circular Barbell this is actually possible.
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