Chunks leather bracelet

Leather Bracelets & Chunks, do you already know this new trend? With click buttons and matching leather bracelets, it is not only possible to create your own jewelry, no you can also vary this look every day and combine it again. Chunks or clicks are placed like a push-button on the leather strap, which offers space for three pieces and thus countless combinations. Our leather bracelets & chunks made of cowhide and stainless steel are very stable and resistant, so that you will enjoy it for a long time. Choose one of our many current colors to match your chunk buttons or just the one to match any black. You prefer to wear the buttons individually and as a ring? No problem, simply choose our buttons ring made of stainless steel, on which each click can easily be stuck and is an optimal combination to the leather bracelets & chunks.

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Leather bracelets with chunks

Stainless steel is also referred to as surgical steel and is particularly skin-friendly. This material is used especially for piercings. Leather is a supple, tough and relatively strong, durable and versatile natural material. So perfect for the fashion jewelry leather bracelets & Chunks suitable. It is relatively impermeable to water and yet breathable that is sufficiently permeable to air. The surface treatment gives leather certain effects. It can be dull or shiny. Also, the resistance of the surface can be significantly improved. The treatment is mainly done with environmentally friendly binders, pigments and additives. Especially the combination with the chunks offers a varied accessory. In our assortment you will find many different colors and patterns of chunks. Browse through the category Bracelets & Chunks.
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