Cat Eye Cat Eye Sunglasses are a special form...

Cat Eye Cat's Eye Sunglasses

Cat Eye Cat Eye Sunglasses are a special form of women's sunglasses. Their shape shows the typical tips on the upper sides, here the glasses are laterally slightly over and directed upwards. This form looks very feminine and is also called butterfly glasses. Cat Eye Catsye Sunglasses are an indispensable part of eyewear fashion, they arrived in the 50s, today they are in the vintage and retro models back in. Cateye eyeglass shapes are also practical, so they visually lift the face, this is added rectangular faces to the advantage.

Cateye Glasses

Most Cat Eye Cats Eye Sunglasses are also richly decorated or playful designed, after all, these glasses are typically female. Whether with a thick, solid edge, mackerel or studded with sparkling rhinestones, simple and elegant, a Cateye glasses makes something and draws the attention to itself. With this eyeglass shape you give the vintage look a typically feminine touch and underline your outfit skillfully. We also offer this eyewear shape with round glasses, here then the frame takes over the pointed shape. Round Glasses Glasses are currently very popular and in this way, both looks can be combined. Cateye glasses are usually very glamorous designed, we offer in our shop various designs and patterns, whether trendy, gaudy and colorful, or mackerel, vintage and retro here you will find it. We also like to vary the frame thickness, there are very eye-catching, wide models, as well as simple sunglasses with thin frames, which focus entirely on the cat's eye shape. Women whose face is slightly wider at the bottom can easily compensate with a pair of Cateye sunglasses. Otherwise, they are versatile: our Cat Eye Cat's Eye Sunglasses.
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