Pins or brooches are jewelry for the...
Pins or brooches are jewelry for the clothes, because without them they can not be infected. They are fastened with a needle, similar to the principle of a safety pin. So the brooch sits firmly on the garment and there is no danger to poke with the needle. Our brooches are made of 925 sterling silver and enhance every outfit. With a badge they put on the clothes a visual highlight that attracts the attention. Whether you attach the plug to the coat, top or sweater is up to you. The scarf or a handbag made of fabric can be decorated with it.
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Brooch Designs

We have brooches especially in the Gekko design, so as lizards. This is because the Gekkos are Balinese handicrafts and the Gekko in Bali is a popular motif. Here, too, animal design is in vogue, but the chic lizards made of silver are simply timelessly beautiful jewelery, they will never really go out of fashion. Thus, they are also suitable as a gift for ladies of all generations. With a silver brooch by Chic-Net, you can buy jewelry that can accompany you for a lifetime. You can choose between different sizes and pattern variants. The interesting patterns result from partly dark oxidized 925 sterling silver. Round shapes result in a shed design. But even abstract shapes such as spirals decorate the little silver lizards. But other brooches are sought after, also offer other materials such as pearls, feathers or leather variety. Possible combinations Of course, the silver Gekko brooches can also be combined great. Here are numerous possibilities in our category silver jewelery, whether Balinese designed silver earrings or silver pendants, we offer a lot of choice. We also offer the Gekkomotiv as stud earrings with rhinestone or sterling silver. Balinese silver jewelry is often found in Chic-Net under the name Hill Tribe silver, because this almost pure silver is traditionally used for this jewelry. But other pinpoint motifs can also be combined, as we offer a suitable category in our shop for almost all materials, so it pays off to browse.
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