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Bridge piercing

Bridge Piercing: the jewel between...
Bridge Piercing: the jewel between the eyesThe bridge piercing is an unusual nose piercing that not everyone has: It is stung at the upper end of the nose and sits mostly horizontal - rarely vertical - above the nasal bone and between the eyes. As it almost forms a bridge between the eyes, it is called bridge piercing. Every now and then there is talk of the so-called "Erl-Piercing", which is probably due to the first bearer of the bridge piercing - Erl Van Aken. Banana Piercings, also known as Curved Barbell Piercings, are particularly suitable for bridge piercing. The curved pin ends with a ball or other jewelry object on both sides. The Curved Barbell Piercing is available as bridge piercing in our shop in many fashionable designs. Be inspired by our assortment! |-| Bridge Piercings with high wearing comfort ~~ The Bridge Piercing likes to grow out of danger. Piercing jewelery in bent pin form counteracts this risk andlooks very fashionable and appealing at the same time. Our pieces of jewelry for a bridge piercing are made of high-quality stainless steel and present themselves in a glamorous look - quite glamorous even with sparkling rhinestones. As an alternative to the stainless steel version, you will also find plastic models at Chic-Net which, thanks to their flexibility, bring a particularly high wearing comfort. The plastic bridge piercings are not only very comfortable to wear and very well tolerated, but are also available in numerous color finishes. Fashionable designs and bright colors make the Bridge Piercing a real eye catcher between the eyes. Rely on high-quality jewelery for your bridge piercing: This is how you can skillfully put your piercing in the limelight and at the same time enjoy a comfortable fit.
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