Breast Piercing

Breast piercing: A fashionable piece of jewelery for the breast. Breast piercing is popular with both men and women. Its history goes back a long way to the tradition of various tribes of nature - today it is less a religious than a fashionable accessory that can be worn in many different variations. Many celebrity stars like Lenny Kravitz, Sarah Connor and Pink also wear a breast piercing. Do the same for the big celebrities and put on noble breast piercings that combine body cult with a subtle touch of eroticism. Our breast piercings are multi-faceted and range from subtle to eye-catching pieces of jewelery in bright colors.

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Breast piercing in straight, curved or circular variations

Barbell sticks are often used for breast piercings. The Straight Barbell Piercings are guided horizontally or vertically through the chest and close on both sides with a ball or other shape such as a flower or an asterisk. The barbell piercing is also available in a curved version, which is also suitable for use as a breast piercing. The so-called banana piercing or curved barbell piercing is like the straight stick pushed through the piercing hole and closes left and right with bullets or other shapes. The breast piercing is available in various sizes and diameters, made of stainless steel or highly flexible plastic. In our shop you will find the different variants of a breast piercing and can fall back on different designs. Decorate your nipple with a gold or silver shiny piercing or even with a colorful and trendy accessory. Also breast piercings with rhinestones are available in our offer in different color variations. In addition to Curved Barbell Piercings and Straight Barbell Piercings, you can also purchase Circular Barbell Piercings for the breast from us: This is a piercing, which is also known as a horseshoe piercing due to its rounded shape. Many of our breast piercings can be worn on other parts of the body and captivate everywhere with their elegant and high-quality appearance.
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