Bronze and brass are ideal materials for...

Brass spirals

Bronze and brass are ideal materials for jewelry in antique golden color. In our bronze or brass category you will find spirals and expander piercing trinkets. Since most are made of brass, the category is brass spirals. The bronze alloy of copper and tin gets an antique and medieval-looking dark gold tone, which is very popular. The smooth surface of this jewelry is also comfortable to wear. Also brass spirals can be found here, they are characterized by a shiny rich golden hue. In combination with black resin arise patterns and contrasts. Bronze and brass spirals can also be designed more filigree than wood. They look classy and elegant and can therefore not only be worn in their spare time, but also as chic accessories.

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Organic bronze and brass earrings

Ideally complement the brass spirals with the category brass jewelry, because these pieces of jewelry are colored like bronze and brass is their starting material. The tribal design also fits perfectly with piercing jewelry made of bronze and brass. Combine the expander with an antique golden pendant with chain or a ring in tribal design. Even bracelets and even upper arms are there as a complement to a beautiful set. In addition, this category also offers a piercing area: the septum nose rings in tribal design and the typical color are the ideal combination for our bronze spirals. Since the bronze expander and the brass spirals are only 1 mm in diameter, you can wear them with normal ear holes, as well as there are the septum nose rings in the fake piercing variant: looks like real, but is portable without a nostril. So we offer you the possibility to wear Piercing Style without being pierced. Therefore, a look in the category brass spirals is worthwhile for everyone. Brass spirals in different designs Whether bronze-colored or antique golden or golden shiny, all our jewelery pieces offer great patterns. Be it a spiral as feather, flames or dragons, or set with antique patterns and oriental flourishes. Even forms like the flower or the tree of life were integrated into spirals. In addition, some spirals are provided with real gems in different colors.
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