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Brass septum nose rings

Brass septum nose rings are available...
Brass septum nose rings are available in gold or silver, partly dark oxidised or in combination with different colored gemstones like jasper, onyx or agate. If you love piercing jewelry, the trend of the brass septum nose rings is not so easy. No matter if men or women, the brass septum nose rings are currently popular and often seen. The happy news for all piercing fans: with us you get the septums at reasonable prices really cheap and can choose from a wide variety. The motifs include skulls, flowers, animals, as well as tribal patterns or exotic designs with bows and dots. |-| Brass Septum Nose Rings and Their Strengths ~~ In addition, we also offer you a wide choice in the thicknesses of the brass septum nose rings, because not everyone has the same strength in piercing nostrils. So you get some motifs not only in 1 mm thickness, but also in 1.6 mm or 2 mm thickness. Who can bear these great strengths,may also look at our mini collection of Dehnschnecken, because there are septum-suitable horseshoe shapes made of horn, wood or bone in the thicknesses of 1.6 mm and 2 mm. Gold-colored and silver-colored brass septum nose rings can be found here. Brass Septum Nose Rings Combine If you also wear ear plugs, you can make the brass nose rings ideal with our organic piercing plugs and tunnels. The silver-colored ones perfectly complement the plugs made of 925 sterling silver, the antique golden ones fit optimally to those made of brass. If you find the opening in the ring a bit small, you will get the instructions how to use the brass septum nose rings best
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