Brass piercings

Brass is another name for our antique golden shiny brass jewelry. This category of Brass Piercings includes our Tribal Brass Plugs and Tunnels, as well as Brass Nose Studs Nostril Piercings, Helix and Tragus Brass Piercings. They are all made of skin-friendly brass. Ideally brass piercings can be combined with chains, bangles, pendants or rings from Brass Brass Tribal jewelery. The pieces of jewelery are just as antique golden and are of high quality. The septum rings and fake septum brass piercings have their own category because of the huge number of products and are therefore not in the piercings of brass, although of course there are piercing products made of brass.

Tribal Brass Piercing Earrings

For the Tribal range, the brass plugs count because of the motifs, which are often attributed to the Tribal and Organic Style. For example, the Flower of Life, the Tree of Life, the Circles of Life or the patterns made up of many small dots, triangles and spirals are in great demand. Original motifs are the filigree snowflake or Magnum cartridges. Depending on whether the motif is filigree elegant, playful or rather cool, they are wearable for women or men. Even antique embellishments and patterns in antique golden look good on the tragus and helix piercings. Floral motifs are sought after by the Nostrils. Brass Piercings in Various Forms In any case, the brass tunnels are very stable. Mostly they are tunnels and plug in one, because they are not completely hollow inside, but the motif contains many punched-outs, so that you can still see through it. Also plastic forms like a meditating woman or a skull can be found in the Brass assortment. The antique golden brass evokes the illusion of gold jewelery, which is not only a timeless classic, but also a real trend at the moment. Since the earrings should remain affordable, the low prices of the brass tunnels are a good alternative. Similar motifs can be found in brass pendants, brass earrings and brass rings in the tribal area.
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