Brass jewelry

Brass jewelery in a large selection Our brass jewelery makes the vintage look perfect: Skillfully our brass jewelery beats the bend between modern accessory and antique seeming jewelery. With their brilliant gold look, they are a good alternative to gold-plated jewelry. Brass jewelry can appear shiny or frosted, with engraved or punched patterns, partly oxidized for a trendy antique look. Just browse our shop for our range of brass jewelry and then combine to your heart's content necklaces with earrings and bracelets, with rings and foot jewelry. Our pieces of jewelery show a variety of design and are still very well combined with each other due to the brass look. Many also wear real stones and take on trendy designs again.

Brass Jewelry: Skin-friendly and elegant

Brass is one of the best-known copper alloys. From this material, numerous pieces of jewelry can be produced, ranging from jewelry in simple elegance to unusual and detail-loving pieces. We also stock brass piercings in our assortment, as well as brass fake nose rings that look deceptively similar to real nose piercing. In addition to the decorative and fashionable effect, our brass jewelry also shows meaningful: Many of our jewelry have a symbolic meaning - such as the "flower of life" or the "tree of life". Brass jewelry is very well tolerated - the material is one of the skin-friendly materials for jewelry at all. So you not only enjoy the visual impact of a fashionable accessory, but also a high wearing comfort. Brass jewelery: Trendy antique jewelery Many of our jewelery pieces are unisex and therefore geared towards women as well as men. Feminine are probably the bracelets and necklaces, as well as the earrings, but nose plugs, septum piercings, spirals, tunnels and plugs, certain pendants and rings are also wonderful for the stronger sex. Let yourself be inspired by brass jewelry - a jewelry that moves outside the mainstream and yet presents itself fashionable and contemporary. Our shop offers you a diverse selection. This is partly combined with gemstones such as rock crystal, labradorite, onyx, rose quartz, jasper and many others, partly also with pearls and shells. Part of the brass is also differently colored (silver, rose), you will often find in the category brass jewelry set.
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