Brass earrings

Brass Tribal earrings can be beautifully combined with other brass jewelry to unique jewelry sets and are an ideal alternative to gold-plated jewelry. Our brass ear jewelry is made of nickel-free brass, which is particularly skin-friendly. In our online shop you will find earrings, ear studs, earrings and spirals, which were processed in detail from brass to ear jewelery. Whether golden shiny, frosted, with engraved or punched patterns or ornate design, and partly oxidized, these pieces of jewelry are a high-quality alternative to gold jewelry. Our brass earrings are often combined with other treasures such as onyx, amethyst, moonstone, turquoise and other gems, or shells such as shivaeye and nautilus shells.

Brass earrings in tribal style

Matching the brass ear hangers you will also find tribal bracelets and brass rings, necklaces or pendants. Well-known motifs such as the flower of life are taken up in the design of the earrings. In this shop you will find brass earrings often in combination with gemstones such as turquoise, lapis, labradorite, moonstone and onyx, carnelian, tigereye and jade stones. The gems each have their own specific grain and color, whether red, blue, brown, white, pink, green or purple, here we offer a variety of colors. However, the basic color of the Brass Brass Tribal Earrings consists mainly of the golden to copper typical brass color and is decorated with colorful beads or stones. The brass earrings are often combined with pearls and stones. Brass Earrings Variants and Attachments We offer eye-catching large earrings and spirals, as well as small dainty earrings and stud earrings, so that each type will find the right one. The earrings are fastened by a hook which is passed through the ear hole. This hook corresponds to the size of a normal ear hole of about 1 to 1.2 mm. The earrings are closed with a bow, the spirals are pushed through the ear hole at the thin end and the plugs are inserted into the ear hole and fastened with brass closures from the back.
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