Brass Pendant

Tribal brass pendants are available in our shop in very different colors, sizes and designs to buy. Our brass tribal pendants are also great for our tribal earrings and bangles or rings. Whether shiny, dull, partly dark oxidized, combined with a stamped pattern or a gemstone, here you will find many different models. In our shop you will find antique golden shiny pendants with ornate design, which carry a gemstone in the middle, but also partially dark oxidized pendants with mosaic pattern of small gemstone splinters. Other tribal brass pendants show the shape of saber teeth or are usable perfume flacons. Frequently picked up as motifs are the flower of life, tree of life, Om and the Khamsa hand.

Brass Pendant in Tribal Style

The Tribal brass pendant is simply kept in golden colors but also with creative colorful patterns. Brass Brass Tribal Pendants are also available as small bottles in which your favorite perfume can be stored. The bottle is designed for perfume and can be opened by pulling the lid, the lid is inside a long rod attached, which reaches into the bottle. So you always carry your favorite fragrance near you. Well-known motifs such as the Flower of Life or the hand of Fatima can be found as brass brass tribal pendant in our shop. Likewise, there are followers with sound balls. In the interior of these pendants are silver-plated sound balls, with a very gentle harmonic sound when moving. These are extremely soothing and balancing! A jewel of harmony for your well-being. The nickel-free tribal brass pendants are a nice alternative to real gold jewelery. To the pendants fit very well the brass tribal rings in the same design. In addition, there is an antique golden brass chain, which is closed by a lobster clasp, to any brass pendant for free. Oriental Tribal Brass Pendant Many ornaments are reminiscent of oriental patterns, ornaments or mosaics or symbols such as the hand of Fatima with the Eye of Fatima. In addition, there are also geometric patterns, of which the flower of life is certainly the best known example and Asian influences. These include, for example, the Buddha and Ganesha representations, the Om mark, the dragon claws and the typical Asian ornate patterns. If you love exotic accessories, you will find a matching tribal brass pendant with us.
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