Brass chains are very different, some contain...

Brass Chains

Brass chains are very different, some contain additional wood, zirconia stones or pearls, they are also available either with a metal chain or on a wider leather strap or fabric band. Brass jewelry is made of brass, which can be processed very well. Already in the 3rd millennium BC Brass was made but then quickly fell into oblivion. Only with the Roman Empire was brass again interesting for humanity. Today, brass is not only used to make construction parts, fittings and pipes, but also art and brass brass tribal jewelry. Our brass chains cover a wide variety of designs and lengths, as well as colors.

Brass necklaces

The brass pendants or complete chains in silver, rose or gold, shine and show delicately crafted motifs. Also unique are the brass chains combined with wood. The wood shows silver patterns. The thin silver chain of brass chains completes the design. You will also find in our online shop assortment also funny motifs as pendants like for example owls, cats or fish in pink. Also antique brass chains with antique pendants can be found in our wide selection. These antique chains are additionally refined with zirconia stones, which make the necklace sparkle. The zirconia stones glisten in pink, white, red or green. The chains in cats, owls and fish motifs are decorated with cubic zirconia stones. The zirconia stones then look glittering and sparkling like little diamonds and are thus perfect alternatives to expensive real diamonds. These brass chains with pendants are adjustable in length and are ideal for those who are looking for something special. Long Filigree Brass Chains Meanwhile, we offer a large selection of long, thin brass chains with filigree pendants, some of them made of small chains, some of brass pendants and genuine ones Stones, mother of pearl and pearls exist. The brass pendants are often found in several places along the chains and show natural motifs such as leaves, trees, feathers, butterflies or the Khamsa hand.
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