Bone is an organic source for carving our...

Bone tunnels and plugs

Bone is an organic source for carving our organic plugs and tunnels. Our Bone range includes plug and tunnel jewelery in this category. No matter how far your ear hole is stretched, each variant comes in different sizes. The material comes from the water buffalo and is obtained as a by-product of agriculture and meat production. No animal is killed for our jewelry, we only use what is left. Choose from a variety of variants, colors and shapes. Bone jewelry has the advantage that it is beautifully white, such a clear, pure white can not be achieved unpainted with wood and horn. The processed bone is smooth and comfortable to wear, so it stores, for example, the heat and sits securely in the branch channel. Due to the bright white color, you can also paint it simple and decorative. |-| Organic Bone Tunnels and Plugs ~~ Whether colorful flowers or black patterns, one looks girlishly playful, the other sets strong contrasts. Depending on the design and color, a bone plug or bonnet tunnel can be worn by women and men, ie unisex. The important thing is that you have or would like to have stretched ear holes. Since we already offer plugs from 2 mm in diameter, you can also gently start with the stretching of your ears. If stretched ear holes are not for you, but you do not want to miss out on plugs or piercings, then we have something for you: take a look in our category Fake Piercings, also here are spikes and plugs made of bone. We also have mini expander with sizes of 1 mm or 1.6 mm, these can be found under Organic Piercings in the Expander Mini collection, this also contains bone piercings.

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