Bone jewelry

Bone jewelery: Powerful jewelery made of natural material Bone jewelery has a very own, expressive look: The jewelery, which was once traditionally made from whale bone, is today - like the jewelery objects in our shop - made of bovine bone. The jewelry, also known as "Bone Jewelry", presents itself in a variety of designs and brings a natural, beautiful and powerful look. Currently, bone jewelry is very trendy and is a real eye-catcher as a piercing or as a pendant or bracelets. Be inspired by our diverse selection of bone jewelry, which shows in many designs and color variants.

Bone jewelry: chains, bracelets and piercings

Bone jewelry not only has a graceful and elegant look, but also comes with a high wearing comfort. The jewelry is warm on the skin and brings a light weight. At the same time, every bone jewelry is a unique piece of nature, robust and durable on top of that. Ancient indigenous people attach a spiritual importance to bone jewelry, often the bone jewelry served as a talisman, as a symbol of protection or lucky charm. For allergy sufferers bone jewelry has the advantage that it is very well tolerated and nickel free. Both men and women can wear our bone jewelry. The unisex designed pieces of jewelry connect animal bones as pendants with comfortable cotton bracelets and wax threads, with dazzling beads, wood and other materials. Also piercing jewelry made of bones is available in our shop - the organic piercings include tunnels and plugs in many expressive designs and sizes. As an alternative to real piercings, we also offer you fake piercings as bone jewelery, which imitate an actually pierced piercings deceptively real.
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