Organic piercings (expanders, spirals) are very diverse in our shop. With our Organic Piercings you will find a wide range of different expanders and spirals. The materials include wood, bronze, horn and bone. Just as diverse are the sizes, even a mini collection is represented. These minis are wearable without stretched ear holes and allow you to wear piercing jewelry even with normal ear holes. You will also find spirals, claws and other various shapes in the minis, as well as the materials bone, wood and horn. Organic piercings (expanders, spirals) outside of the Mini Jewelry Collection will help you stretch your ear hole or just make you look good. Whether organic piercings (expanders, spirals) in the form of a spike, a spiral, a hook, a claw or a snake, our expanders are elaborately carved and high quality organic jewelry.

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Organic Expander Earrings

Some wear inlays of turquoise stone, coral or other materials. In addition, this category also offers bronze expanders and spirals, as well as our popular Organic navel piercings. Bronze bronze piercings (expanders, spirals) are also great for wearing jewelery from our fashion jewelery category brass brass tribal jewelry, the pendants, rings and bracelets offered there, as well as the septum nose rings complement the bronze expander ideally. Our Organic Belly Piercings use natural materials such as wood, paua abalone, mother-of-pearl or shiva eye shell, coral and turquoise stones. This results in tasty organic navel piercings in banana shape. The organic materials such as wood, horn and bone also keep constant their temperature, which provides a high level of comfort. If you are still looking for a suitable gift for someone who loves piercing jewelry, so you will find something suitable in this category guaranteed. Even as a gift, our organic piercings (expanders, spirals) are ideal.
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