Bone Creoles

Our Organic Pin Hoops also include Bone Hoops with Pins. In contrast to wood and horn they are bright white, but partly have black patterns. Most of the pins are also made of Bone, these are pushed through the small hoops, which carry extra on each side a small hole. So these earrings are attached in the ear hole, and this works without stretching. The pins of the Bone Hoops with Pins fit through normal ear holes, so that everyone can wear this beautiful ear jewelry. This also includes men, because depending on pattern and design, these pieces of jewelry are cool rather than feminine.

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The origin of the Bone

Bone as jewelry seems strange to some, because bone means carved and polished animal bones. Our bone comes from buffaloes, of which we also use the horn, for example horn hoops. But neither for this, nor for our bone hoops with pins, an animal has to die. The buffaloes are immensely valuable to the farmers in Southeast Asia farm animals and the farmers, so they are treated well too. When the animal is finally slaughtered, the farmers use what they need. Things for which they have no use, such as bone or horn, are then sold, resulting in bone hoop earrings with pins. Nice combinations for Bone Hoops with Pins Of course, the Bone Hoops with Pins can be wonderfully combined with other organic jewelery, especially with Bone Jewelery. From Bone we offer chains in pirate style, as well as bracelets with bone beads. But even a white mother of pearl necklace or a pearl pendant can be worn to the shiny polished pure white bone hoop earrings. But other organic materials can be worn, such as a natural wood necklace or a wooden bracelet. We also offer rings made of wood, whether simple and narrow, or large and handpainted. Anyone who prefers to wear pin hoops in dark wood will find it with wooden hoops with pins or horn hoop earrings.
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