Bone Bracelets

Our bone-arm jewelry in the online shop includes various bracelets with cotton and bone pearls as materials. These are partly white, partly colored and knotted between waxed cotton threads. Sometimes they are also combined with other beads, such as wooden beads, in the middle of which a big bone pearl was knotted. This can be monochrome, or show a specific pattern such as a spiral. Also, the beads can be carved as a whole to a motif in Bone bracelets, for example to a skull. The waxed cotton threads of the Bone bracelets are available in a variety of colors. They are knotted, for example, in the macramé style, in addition, they are adjustable in width and thus fit on each arm.

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Natural Bone Bracelets

Macramé Bracelets are currently very popular and not just for the young girl. They are wearable for women and men who love the organic tribal style. Depending on the color and pearl design, there are many different motives and there is something for every taste. Also as a gift, they are therefore a great idea, they are also considered as a friendship ribbon. They are thus a symbol of friendship, with each friend wearing the same ribbon. They can also be used as a partner bracelet. Especially in summer, they look good on the beach or pool on tanned skin on the wrist or around the ankle. Bone bracelets are a variation on friendship ribbons, but bracelets and bangles designed in a completely different way are also possible. Possibilities of Bone BraceletsBone is well suited as an organic material for jewelry because it maintains a comfortable temperature and is not as cold as metal. Especially in winter Bone arm jewelry is therefore more comfortable to wear on the body than metal beads. Our Bone wristbands are adjustable or individually adjustable and offer so many advantages: you can wear them on the wrist or around the ankle or borrow someone and they always fit. In addition, they are removable and stay so much longer, because you can easily take them off in activities that burden the jewelry, and they do not have to cut totally broken from the arm sometime. In addition, you can alternate every day which arm jewelry you wear. For this it is sufficient on the one hand a loop to knots and on the other side a thick knot. Bone bracelets can also be combined with other bracelets.
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