Ball Closure Ring

The Ball Closure Ring is also called...
The Ball Closure Ring is also called Captive Bead or in German Klemmkugelring. He is next to the barbell a classic among the piercing forms. It can be described as a ring, which is closed by a ball, in which the ring ends are clamped, so it holds firmly in the ring opening, since it has small concavities, in which the ring ends engage. To open the ring this must be spread so that the ring ends come out of the ball again. This can also be done via a spreading forceps. Popular is the Ball Closure Ring for the ear piercings, the nipple, the navel, but also as nostril piercing on one side of the nose. In general, it is very versatile, but not as a first jewelery, because the curvature would cause a movement that can irritate and ignite the branch canal of a fresh piercing.
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Differences in Round Piercings

Of course, the Ball Closure Ring also has different sizes, bar thicknesses, materials and colors. Stainless steel offers black, gold, silver or colorful iridescent colors like a rainbow. But the rings are also made of brass, acrylic and other materials possible. The thicker stick strengths are for inflated piercing holes, for example in male Intimpiercings or instead of expanders in lobe piercing on the ear. Unlike Curved Barbells and Circular Barbells, the Ball Closure Rings are really closed as soon as you lock them with the pinch ball. As a variant, instead of the clamping ball there are also segment rings which use a segment in the form of the ring, which is clamped between the ring ends. Opening the Ball Closure Ring Opening this piercing style, however, would require some practice. Generally, smaller clamping balls are preferred for fashionable reasons, but they are harder to open than thicker ones. If you are struggling, you can use thin rubber gloves so that the adhesion to the small ball is greater. Otherwise, the Ball Closure Ring can also be used for spreading. And as is true everywhere: practice makes perfect. This piercing form is one of the most popular, so anyone can get started opening and closing with some practice and skill. A ball closure ring belongs as a classic form, so to speak, to the basic equipment of a piercing enthusiast. Discover with us simple and unusual models.
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