Bags are not only practical, but also often...


Bags are not only practical, but also often serve as a beautiful accessory that skilfully combines women with outfits. In addition to handbags for women, there are of course also bags for men and women, an example being the messenger bags. These are usually designed with country flags or city motifs and very robust. They are made from earlier truck tarpaulins and can withstand a lot. This is also important if you want to securely transport your documents for work or university. These bags look casual and youthful, while our leather-look handbags are elegant and feminine. Depending on your taste you will find the right thing for you.

What would the ladies just be without the beloved handbag? Of...

gym bag

With our cool gymnastic bags, you'll be able to combine style and...

Sturdy bags for everyday life and leisure

If you are looking for a suitable bag, then look in our online shop over. All our bags are described in detail and sometimes show several photos, so that the inner life is visible. We offer you very good quality at the lowest possible prices. In addition, a bag is not only the beauty. Our jewelry is just there to adorn you, to express a certain style and visually enhance boring outfits. In addition you will find various types of jewelry from the most diverse materials for almost all parts of the body. A bag also adorns, but it also fulfills a very practical use. Not only does it make a lady look elegant, but she also makes a teenager cool. No, she's the stylish way to carry the most important things with her. Combinations A messenger bag in country design can be combined well with our plugs with flags. And also with the sunglasses we offer nerd glasses in the country flag design. If you have a bag in the city design, for example, you will find brass ear studs with the Eiffel Tower, the landmark of Paris. In contrast to the leather-look pockets, black onyx pieces of jewelery match the color, as they also shine black. A brown leather bag also fits our organic jewelery such as natural colored wooden hoop earrings, brown wooden earrings and uncolored wooden chains. So combine our bags with matching jewelery.
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