Arm jewellery

Bracelets are very nice accessories that you can choose as arm jewelry pieces to match chains and earrings. Here you will find the matching bracelets to the jewelery of our other categories, but also completely new variants and designs in all sorts of colors, styles and materials. At natural or organic jewelry we offer armchains with shells, coral, stones and cultured pearls, but also leather bracelets, cotton bracelets and silk thread armchains. In our shop you will find everything what nature offers us and can be processed into jewelry. High quality materials are used, be it jade, mother of pearl, lime stone, glass beads, bone, brass and many others make great designs and patterns.

Bracelets and bracelets

Some waxed thread bracelets and silk bracelets can be worn around the arm in a multi-row pattern or as a necklace around the neck, offering a good variety. All bracelets are adjustable in length, as are the silicone bracelets because they are made of a rubber band and thus can adapt well to the width of the wrist without getting into the skin. Also slightly bendable are our bangles and brass upper arm bands, these arm jewelry pieces are decorative combined with real gemstones or pearls. The variety of the arm jewelry A special feature that offers a lot of variety of Armschmuckstücke represent our chunk leather straps, which are available in many different colors. These leather bracelets have on the top of the arm three push buttons you can change. In our Chic-Net Online Shop you will find the matching push buttons, which we call chunks in many different patterns and colors. Thus, you can change the chunks to your heart's content or, of course, exchange the occasion accordingly. The versatility of the materials of our bracelets can also be found in other categories, so that all arm jewelery pieces can be perfectly complemented and combined. Stop by in our big world of bracelets and bangles. Handpainted bracelets, for example, offer the category wood, while the brass maturity look rather antique. Bright are our silicone bead bracelets, which are well suited for party and disco. Subtle and elegant are the silver bracelets, as well as our silver bangles. Arm jewelery completes every jewelery set perfectly.
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