Anti-tragus piercing

Bringing Anti-tragus piercing into the spotlight The Anti-Tragus Piercing is an ear piercing that is pierced directly into the cartilage fold above the earlobe. Its name refers to the location opposite the tragus, which is located as a smaller, thicker cartilage part at the entrance of the auditory canal. For the anti-tragus piercing different jewelry come into consideration. Especially Circular Barbell Piercings are the right choice to enjoy a comfortable fit and to make the Anti-Tragus Piercing effective at the same time. In our shop you will find a wide selection of piercings suitable for this special ear piercing. Be inspired by our wide range and find the jewelery that suits you and your personality.

Anti-Tragus piercing in numerous designs

In the Chic-Net shop you will find anti-tragus piercings in many different designs , For example, opt for high-quality pieces of stainless steel, which appear deceptively real like gold or silver and are distinguished by their elegant effect. In addition, you can also choose the colorful plastic alternatives that bring a very high wearing comfort thanks to the flexible material quality. The plastic piercings are also available, for example, in mysterious black, which is guaranteed to harmoniously match any outfit. For the Anti-Tragus Piercing round jewelry pieces are the means of choice: so-called Circular Barbell Piercings, jewelry in ring or horseshoe shape, decorate our shop in a wide range. Whether sparkling gold-look ring or high-strength plastic - you have the choice how you want to present your anti-tragus piercing. We give your ear piercing with high-quality jewelry an individual and stylish character.
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